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Using plastic pallets means supply chains are spending less money on pallets.

In order to be able to ensure the quality of their loading equipment over the long term, more and more companies are moving away from wooden pallets from the open pallet-exchange pool and using proprietary plastic pallets in their transportation circuit instead. We are specialized in the development of solutions whose main objectives are usually the improvement of costs, efficiency, hygiene or sustainability. Our plastic pallets have been demonstrating their importance in different logistics chains and already many industries are betting on their use for different applications.



Plastic pallets are proven and growing wooden pallet substitute. In industries where sanitation is a concern, like food and pharmaceutical products, hygienic plastic pallets are the preferred choice. These pallets have a much longer lifespan than wood pallets as well. They are more durable and less likely to break down on repeated trips. It is the ideal platform for re-use.

Do not allow water absorption shipment of food or pharmaceutical products

Completely recyclable


With high overhead costs and low tolerance for failure, the Petrochemical industry is one of the most demanding there is. All elements in an operation must work together to deliver a product that is safe and cost-effective. The type of pallet you use may not seem like a major consideration, but it plays a key role in material handling at all stages of the supply chain. 

Clean and easy to handle

Protect your products and those who handle them


When demanding applications require products that are safe and easy to work with, our plastic pallets offer an exceptional combination of performance and value. RePall pallets are hard at work in food and beverage production facilities, bakeries and dairies where they are trusted by some of today’s highest-profile businesses. The biggest advantage of plastic pallets, boxes and crates is their superior resistance to chemical, bacterial and other forms of contamination. Even a small contamination issue in a food and beverage operation can cause considerable reputational damage, as well as potential legal liability. For this reason alone, investing in a quality product is essential.

Impervious to acids, fats, solvents and odors

Easy handling by forklift and pallet jacks


Retail is one of the most demanding sectors in terms of the efficiency of all logistics operations, where the use of plastic pallets plays a leading role. More and more companies have begun to replace traditional wooden pallets with novel plastic pallets when analyzing the efficiencies and advantages derived from their use.

Environment friendly

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